Meet the men and women on our leadership team!

Sheikh Osman Fuad

Imam of Masjid Abu-Huraira

Over the course of six years of full-time study, Osman dedicated himself to the in-depth exploration of Islamic Sciences. His commitment and perseverance culminated in achieving an Alimiyya degree from Darul Uloom Karachi, one of the most esteemed traditional seminaries.
He has spent the greater part of the last decade serving mentorship, leadership, and academic roles in the greater houston area.

Osman's journey is not just one of personal academic achievement, but a testament to his dedication to spreading knowledge and serving the wider community, guided by the rich traditions and teachings of Islam.

Board of Directors

Mahmud Hossain


Mahdi Rastagar


Sadique Mahbub


Faisal Rafi

General Secretary

Syed Ayaz


Feroze Bashir

Chairman of the Board

Adnan Siddiqui


Shahriar Iqbal